The weather outside…

Well Things they are a changing! New job coming up soon and possibly some new opportunities to fish a bit more. In the time between though that I could have been fishing I have been sitting inside. The reason? Rain,and lots of it! This is not a bad thing or was it unexpected in fact it is much appreciated! The local lakes have been down by feet for years now. Just kind of bad timing is all. Every time the weather breaks another set of storms rolls through and muddies up the water again. Need at least 2 day preferably 3 for everything to settle out and make for better fishing. At last check, almost a month ago now, The bass were coming up but not the gill just yet in most of the ponds. So now as the weather has warmed and aquatic growth is coming up, read cover, so will the gill. If it weren’t for the dang rain! Still I should make the most of it and tye which I haven’t done much of either. Lots of time on the computer look for a new job. Ah well time will come and a change in the weather as well. Praying for better in general and that God will continue to bless me and my family.

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A return, yet again

It has been quite a while since my last entry. There wasn’t much time to fish over the winter, but that was due to work as well as weather. I did go out last Monday and caught quite a few gill at colleyville  nature center. Per usual Big bass were up in the shallows and there was little vegetation growing just yet. In a pond when the cover comes back, vegetation, then so do the fish. The bass haven’t spawned yet, but are about too. I did see what I have to think are shad spawning in a couple of cove areas. It was mainly just a checking the conditions type day. Rain had spoiled the creek so my only real option was the ponds, but I did better than I thought I would. Certainly can’t complain when I catch fish!

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Merry Christmas

Well It is Christmas morning and I am basking in the glow of thankful kids for all the wonderful presents . Funny how that works. I also have received one particularly nice pair of waders  my self. Which I will put to some use over the next few days off. Since I have the waders and some time off I will be headed back down to the creek to check them out and see about helping my stats in the winter challenge on Tenbums web site. Well Here is hoping everyone had a great Christmas and maybe get a little fishing in over the holiday.

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Winter challenge accepted

Well, thanks to much prayer, I am sure, I actually got that coveted time off of work. As posted earlier I put 4 #22 hooks in my vice and attempted to make something to tempt the local panfish population. One actually worked too!

It is always a guessing game when you sit down to tie flies as to whether the fish like what you make. I read somewhere that tying is %50 for the tyer and %50 for the fish. The numbers may be a bit fuzzy sometimes but that essentially what I try to do.

Now on to the main reason for this post; pictures! Now again this is not about impressive huge or even pretty fish. The fact is that during the fall and winter almost all fish take on a silver hue that makes them look drained of all their beautiful color that they had back in spring and summer.  By comparison spring or early summer, matting season, is the best time for such pictures of any fish. So when you view these try not to do so with too critical an eye. They are small and silver, but they are still beautiful to me just as God made them.

Nice little long ear about 6 inches. They do keep a bit of color even in winter.

Nice little long ear about 6 inches. They do keep a bit of color even in winter.

another long ear, 3 inches here.

another long ear, 3 inches here.

stunted bluegill, 3 inches

stunted bluegill, 3 inches

looks like a bluegill, 2-3 inches

looks like a bluegill, 2-3 inches

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Just because you can

I actually got a 3 day weekend! So in preparation for some fishing this weekend I stopped by the local fly shop to pick up some #22 hooks to tie up something for the winter challenge. Apparently my friend at the shop is not a fan of tenkara, and brought up a good point. Tenkara rods are in fact not designed for big fish. It was designed, originally, for small fish in mountain streams. Now having said that you can catch larger fish on these rods. I have caught largemouth bass up to 3lbs. Not necessarily on purpose but I have. I have seen people catching large carp on tenkara rods!? Look it up on youtube. More than likely these folks are using keiryu rods which are designed for larger fish, and look and , for the most part, cast like tenkara rods.

All this made me think about why someone would use a tenkara rod and what species they would fish for. I have no problem with fishing for small fish; in fact I enjoy it. Tanago, or micro-fishing is all about catching minnows/ small fish that would be considered bait generally speaking. Most fisherman I talk to have a really hard time getting excited about catching the small fish that tenkara is designed for. I look at a rod like a tool. Each tool is designed for a specific purpose. A screwdriver is not designed to be used as a chisel, but it works. A pair of pliers can be used a hammer in a pinch…. The point being a tenkara rod can be used for larger fish if the opportunity presents its self, but if you are specifically targeting larger fish with a tenkara rod you may be missing the point.

As to the species of fish well I will let your imagination lead you in what direction it will. Mainly I just enjoy fishing and will be tempting the local panfish with my offerings. Having said that I always have a few larger flys just in case a bass swims by.


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Winter challenge

I saw something of interest on tenbum’s web site. He does some fun stuff. Worth a look. Now I just need sometime to get out and actually fish. It is all about using small hooks, size 20 and smaller, to catch big and little fish. The rules are a bit weird, but that is what makes it kind of cool. He obviously put some thought into it.  As I get my chances, work is trying to kill me at the moment, I will post some fish pictures for that challenge.

Y’all pray I can get sometime off to do just that.

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Well no word yet

One of the problems with my job is working 12 hrs as I am now. As soon as I hear from anyone about my question I will post it asap.

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