Down on the creek

Had a blast down on the creek today. Started out using a new soft hackle fly then changed over to a bugger and started finding the green sunfish down under the rocks. Can’t say it wasn’t fun even though I didn’t use a traditional tenkara fly. Can’t argue with results and so far I haven’t caught any greenies like this yet. I always knew tenkara here in Texas would be different, but how different was always the question. There are those who would frown on using western style flies, but well I don’t stand on tradition for traditions sake. This is not exactly what the Japanese had in mind when they created this style anyhow. Still I can’t imagine the founders of the style getting overly upset by my using a bugger to catch a fish. They were just trying to make a living. When I started fishing me and my dad kept most everything we caught to help feed the family. So I don’t feel I am insulting the ancients by tying on a bugger. If they were to get insulted it would more likely be by our releasing those fish. After all they kept them to eat or sell. Still all and all I’d rather use one of those tekara flies when I can. But when that gets boring I’ll switch to buggers and see if a few greenies will come out and play.

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