Been a while

I have been busy, well sort of. Over a year later the tenkara journey goes on. I have now settled on a pattern that works for my waters. Not surprising it is a beadhead bugger in size 14-12. The color is a special blend of SLF I devised using 3 colors, either olive,tan, and orange, or peacock, dark olive, and tan. I think the 3 color combo is the trick.

While I enjoy using buggers, I must admit I need to continue to try other flies. I really like the look of reverse hackle flies, and nice wet flies but have not spent quite as much time using them as I need to to learn how to use them properly. Part of the effectiveness of a fly is knowing how to use it in various situations using various presentations. Admittedly bluegill are generally easy to catch since they are not shy and really can’t afford to be, but the older , wiser ones are quite picky. They can make quick decisions and usually the correct one at  that despite your best efforts.

Well that is it for now. I will attempt to post more as we go along here.

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