The weather outside…

Well Things they are a changing! New job coming up soon and possibly some new opportunities to fish a bit more. In the time between though that I could have been fishing I have been sitting inside. The reason? Rain,and lots of it! This is not a bad thing or was it unexpected in fact it is much appreciated! The local lakes have been down by feet for years now. Just kind of bad timing is all. Every time the weather breaks another set of storms rolls through and muddies up the water again. Need at least 2 day preferably 3 for everything to settle out and make for better fishing. At last check, almost a month ago now, The bass were coming up but not the gill just yet in most of the ponds. So now as the weather has warmed and aquatic growth is coming up, read cover, so will the gill. If it weren’t for the dang rain! Still I should make the most of it and tye which I haven’t done much of either. Lots of time on the computer look for a new job. Ah well time will come and a change in the weather as well. Praying for better in general and that God will continue to bless me and my family.

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