A question

I have sent a question to two different Japanese blog sites for tenkara. The question is if there are 3 types of fish living a river that you are fishing will you attempt to catch one type of fish or all three? Let us see how they answer, if they do.

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Been a while

I have been busy, well sort of. Over a year later the tenkara journey goes on. I have now settled on a pattern that works for my waters. Not surprising it is a beadhead bugger in size 14-12. The color is a special blend of SLF I devised using 3 colors, either olive,tan, and orange, or peacock, dark olive, and tan. I think the 3 color combo is the trick.

While I enjoy using buggers, I must admit I need to continue to try other flies. I really like the look of reverse hackle flies, and nice wet flies but have not spent quite as much time using them as I need to to learn how to use them properly. Part of the effectiveness of a fly is knowing how to use it in various situations using various presentations. Admittedly bluegill are generally easy to catch since they are not shy and really can’t afford to be, but the older , wiser ones are quite picky. They can make quick decisions and usually the correct one at  that despite your best efforts.

Well that is it for now. I will attempt to post more as we go along here.

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Down on the creek

Had a blast down on the creek today. Started out using a new soft hackle fly then changed over to a bugger and started finding the green sunfish down under the rocks. Can’t say it wasn’t fun even though I didn’t use a traditional tenkara fly. Can’t argue with results and so far I haven’t caught any greenies like this yet. I always knew tenkara here in Texas would be different, but how different was always the question. There are those who would frown on using western style flies, but well I don’t stand on tradition for traditions sake. This is not exactly what the Japanese had in mind when they created this style anyhow. Still I can’t imagine the founders of the style getting overly upset by my using a bugger to catch a fish. They were just trying to make a living. When I started fishing me and my dad kept most everything we caught to help feed the family. So I don’t feel I am insulting the ancients by tying on a bugger. If they were to get insulted it would more likely be by our releasing those fish. After all they kept them to eat or sell. Still all and all I’d rather use one of those tekara flies when I can. But when that gets boring I’ll switch to buggers and see if a few greenies will come out and play.

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Still going sort of

Still having a great time learning how to use this rod and it paid off this go round down on the creek. Now that school is over things at work are attempting to kick my butt. Despite the efforts I still got out and found a few takers. I tried out a new fly I created by accident/whim and killed’em! My own style (I guess) using the after-shaft of a hen hackle and black thread. When it was wet it looked sort of like a piece of worm. Maybe that’s why it worked so well. Hey it may not be a mountain stream, but the fish are still wild and willing to take a tasty fly!

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A good day of something different

Had an opportunity to go after some small fish today. I caught several minnows/ shiners, and a couple of little perch. I used #24 dry fly hooks and had fun figuring it all out because it is a bit different

. photo Pic0226.jpg photo Pic0221.jpg photo Pic0222.jpg

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                        They called and I answered.

Pic0218 I had a great day Sunday after church. The bass were up and so were a few gill and one huge crappie. (no pic there he came off and fell back in)


The color is definitely black or at least a dark color. I was using a peacock #12 bugger with a beadhead. just count down to about 5 then slowly lift the tip till the end of the line is visible and pull the line slowly toward you. Watch for a twitch or feel heaviness on the line. It is subtle for sure. I thought I saw several strikes that weren’t just some moss or some chop. (It was windy) I am having some great luck with my Tenkara rod. I am still getting used to how to use it but what a great time learning. One thing I have noticed is that the length of the line (about 13′) is not a real limitation even on the ponds. I could add a few feet and I might yet but for now It is working great. Pretty much fishing about the same places I always fish anyhow.

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here fishy fishy

Can you here it? The fish are calling me. My wife says I’m crazy but with any luck at all I’ll be out there tomorrow.

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